1 He makes _____ visits to his firm’s head office in Paris,

usually in April. (year)
2 The Time is an American _____ news magazine. (week)
3 Heaps of _____ books lay on the floor. (dust)
4 This café is too _____ for me – I am starting to have a
sore throat. (smoke)
5 I feel hot and _____ after my game in tennis. (thirst)
6 We had a very ____ winter last year. (snow)
7 People are becoming far more aware of __________
issues. (environment)
8 I like detective stories and romances — nothing too
__________. (intellect)
9 Some of the more __________ Japanese newspapers
have given a lot of coverage to the scandal. (sensation)
10 This report gives a __________ picture of the company’s
finances. (globe)

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