6 Listen to the people talking about

different problems. Complete the sentences with
the correct speakers A, B, C, D or E.
1 ____________ doesn’t have a job.
2 ____________ gives food to people.
3 ____________ doesn’t live in a town.
4 ____________ is a scientist.
5 ____________ owns a clothes shop.
7 Read the text.
The green light
In Australia it is now illegal to use traditional
light bulbs. The whole country is changing
to low energy bulbs for their lights. This will
reduce the amount of energy that each home
uses and will obviously be better for the
environment. And Australia is not the only
country doing this. Will your country be next?
So, what are the advantages and disadvantages
of using the new low energy bulbs? Of course,
the main advantage is for the environment. If all
houses in the UK used these bulbs the effect on
the environment would be the same as taking
three quarters of a million cars off the road!
Cost is another advantage. If we changed all the
bulbs in our houses, we could cut our energy
bills by fifty per cent!
There are a few disadvantages however. The
light that these bulbs give is not exactly the
same as light from traditional bulbs. It’s colder
and whiter. Some people don’t like it very much.
Also, the light doesn’t come on immediately.
After switching on the light you have to wait
a short time. Another disadvantage for some
people is that at the moment you can’t make
these bulbs give a stronger or weaker light by
using a special switch. But scientists say this will
soon be possible.
But if we can help the environment by using
these bulbs, are the disadvantages really such a
8 Are the sentences true or false?
1 In Australia you can choose which bulbs to
use. ___
2 It’s expensive to use low energy bulbs. ___
3 It takes longer for the light to come on. ___
4 The light from these bulbs is quite weak. ___
5 The light from traditional bulbs is different. ___
9 Imagine you are organising a talk about saving
energy. Design an announcement for the talk.
Include the following information:
• describe the problem
• say what the talk will be about
• say when and where it is

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